Fun and Home-Based Activities to Do With Our Kids With Autism

To me, the familial ingredient of the activity is crucial, so habitually, I try to find a game that will fit all (in professional jargon- different levels of function )

  1. Making paper plains and flying them one on another or seeing who gets most far. For the more sophisticated –  you get crazy models of planes and some competitive flying, and for kids who struggle, they can make just one fold in each airplane, fly the aircraft, or get a paper airplane fly with funny noise to their belly by their sister. 
  2. Make one kid a choreographer and the other dancers, and make a dance of their favorite Disney song. If it ads motivation, put them in front of a mirror. 
  3.  Put one sister on a soft blanket (no friction needed) and let her brother carry her around the house like a Christmas sled.
You can see an example of our family fun activity in this link.
מילות יחס בצורה משמעותית