About SoicalMind

Pediatrician who teaches her own children feels obligated to ensure that every child with autism receives the best treatment

I am Keren, and I am the founder of SocialMind. In addition, I am a pediatrician, PRT (Pivotal Response Training) certified, and a mother of three children, two of whom have autism. The goal of SocialMind is to train you, the parent, to become one of the experts in providing the highest quality care for your child in everyday life. We deconstructed interventions into practical skills using short, interactive, and fun learning modules and dismantled all the professional and confusing language. This can all be done at your own pace.

The pillars of our technology

Creating a digital trainer and supervisor with video and AI

Clinical Scene Understanding from the uploaded video interactions

Ongoing Assessment of child and adult performance

Personalized clinical recommendations

Incorporating all into evidence-based treatment programs

Big Data Insights