The desert should demand evidence-based interventions for autism. Otherwise, the city cannot be expected to insist on it..

I want to congratulate “Haverim Banegev,”  who initiated an all-embracing online autism workshop: two hundred and forty participants, mostly parents but many doctors and child development professionals as well. The workshop was an online training session for parents of children with autism.

I want to give special thanks to Nitzan Ben Shaya, who produced an interactive mega workshop replete with question and answer session video films and no glitches.

Thank you, Adi Rodrigez-Barnea, for not settling for anything less than perfection for her fellow “parents of children with autism.

Moti Morgan and Gabi Levi-Pinson have shared my vision and hard work for the last 6 years; you want the best scientific benefit for every kid out there.

It is a particular honor for me to pay my debt to The scholars who turn the mantra   “we want to motivate our child to interact and thrive using the natural opportunities” into operative strategies that make the mantra work. I pay my debt in delivering their science to parents through practical training. We, the parents, share love and hope for profound progress for our children.


One of the leading developmental neurologists (who prefers to remain anonymous) wrote to me after the workshop:

“Excellent work. You helped me better realize the needs of parents of children with autism. After 30 years of close contact with families, it is time for me to understand better. I always felt this part was missing- and your team did a wonderful job.”