Teaching Your Child to Ask “What’s That?” by PRT With a Sibling Around

As a mother, I know from personal experience that raising a child is a continuous struggle: the financial burden, the inadequate level of therapy and education. I focused on resourcing the child’s family unit throughout the years with their life long journey. 

In what particular way?

If there is a clear developmental strategy that helps a child speak, I worked on making it fit family life and for everyone to enjoy.

For instance, here is a video of me taking a strategy of teaching my daughter Michal to ask “what’s that?” through a game with her sister.
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In UC Santa Barbara, The Koegels developed o key skill for our children to initiate, making it fun for them to ask questions, not just for requesting. It makes a significant difference for our child to go around and ask, “What’s that?” and “whose is it?”. I took the structured technique and combined it with my two daughters to become fun time. I don’t have time to dig into the whole process, but the movie might inspire you, and if you want to buy their manual, you can find it at this link Teaching the Pivotal Behavior of Initiations to Children with Autism.