How to Teach an Autistic Child Prepositions in a Significant Way

When we want to give our children the experience that it is worth using prepositions and what they mean, instead of sitting them at a table and showing them cards with pictures of prepositions (rabbit under the table), we can put objects that they like around the house in places that require different prepositions. A ball over the table, an apple in the box, a sticker under the book. In order for them to feel that understand prepositions is fun, tell them where is the surprise and they will need to understand (with or without a guest from you) where is the surprise and what it is actually above, below inside near, between, right and left.

If you want to teach your child to use prepositions, place something she doesn’t like over a transparent upside-down bowl (guava) and something she does like under an upside-down bowl (apple) and ask her: “Do you want the fruit above or the fruit below?” while you point on what you mean when you say “above” and “below”.

For example, watch the video below. The video present a girl who loves puzzles and Lital Donati scattered all the pieces of the puzzle in her room. To collect them she had to use prepositions.