5 Best Sensory Activities for Children With Autism 

Sensory Activities for Children with Autism

Sensory toys or games are great ways to incorporate developmental communication skills with your child. While you and your child enjoy playing together, it is an excellent time for you to turn the fun interaction into a communication opportunity. This article suggests 5 sensory activities for children with autism. It includes practical tips on incorporating developmental and communications skills while playing with your child according to ESDM and PRT. We unpacked evidence-based interventions into practical parenting skills.

  1. Kinetic Sand – Sensory Activity:

Ever since the kinetic sand came into our lives, it has not stopped being the best toy for our kids to play with! My kids love it! They love how it feels between their hands and fingers, the shapes it creates, and the way they can “disassemble” and destroy it. Aside from the great fun, my kids also learn essential and varied skills during the game with kinetic sand. To give you some ideas, we have selected some skills from the ESDM’s curriculum, which can be combined while playing with kinetic sand.


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