SocialMind Won the Horizon Europe Women Deep Tech Grant

We are proud to declare that SocialMind won the Horizon Europe Women Deep Tech Grant. Funded under the European Innovation Ecosystems work program of Horizon EuropeWomen TechEU is a brand new initiative of the European Union, supporting deep-tech start-ups led by women. It is excellent for us to get backing from the Europen Commission in our duty: All children with autism will get the best quality of care science has to offer. I want to thank my colleagues, Raz BacharMeital ShamiaNir Shimony Omri Boral from AI for good- Microsoft for facilitating this Impactful application. And to thank Matan Weksler and Ido Glanz for their deep-tech insights. And to my partners Gabriela Levy and Dana Porrat for working hard on this acceptable grant. For more details read the EU press release here Women TechEU pilot - first companies selected