Frequently Asked Question

This is a very good question. Every child with autism is indeed a world in and of itself. Each one loves different things, has different strengths and difficulties, etc. However, many studies indicate that there is a family of therapies, called natural-developmental-behavioral therapies, that can help many children learn and develop. Our trainer is based on strategies from these methods, because we believe that your child deserves the best. Also – the treatment we offer is especially suitable for parents and children, as it can be specially adapted to your environment, routine, and culture. Your home.

Many professionals offer parent training. Our digital trainer has added value and significant advantages. You can consume its contents at your own pace, at a time that suits you, and without leaving your home. You can repeat the content over and over again, and there is no need to worry that you will miss or forget something the therapist said.
But the most significant advantage of our digital trainer is that it is built specifically for use in your home’s environment. Many times, it is difficult to transfer what we have learned from different treatment settings to the home. Our digital trainer encourages you to apply what you have learned at home from day one, and our content is tailored accordingly.

In recent years, much information has been made available, some even for free, on evidence-based therapies on the Internet. We welcome these developments and think it’s a great thing!
Our digital trainer is different. First of all, it is interactive, fun, and not delivered as series of lectures or articles. Beyond that – it is much more tailored to you personally. The videos you upload, and receive feedback on, will allow us to check that you are really succeeding in applying the various principles and promoting your children. It sounds simple, but in many cases when parents only watch the content without receiving feedback on its application, it does not work as well. 

We are all used, after a lifetime of experience, to interact in a certain intuitive way. But when interacting with our children with autism, this way of communicating is not always effective despite our motivation and love. In SocialMind, we want to teach how to finetune your interaction-habits and turn daily interactions with your child into learning opportunities. 
Our training modules are fun and easy to understand, so you will probably feel that you understand everything entirely after completing them. However, possessing knowledge is not the same as practically implementing it. To change your habits, you need: Practice and Feedback!
In many ways- It’s like swimming, you can’t learn how to do it by just hearing about it, and it is much better if, for the first few times in the pool, you have someone watching and guiding you through the process. From our side, we promise to try to make the process: Simple, Focused, and Constructive.

It requires some practice at first, but once you understand the technique, it is entirely possible to film yourself and your child, even if your child is moving. No other person is needed for the process of taking the video. If you have a small tripod that fits your mobile phone, place the phone on the tripod and place it far enough to capture a wide picture. If you do not have a tripod, we have learned that it is useful to put the mobile phone in a large cup, with the camera facing up with the lens popping outside the cup. Arrange your mobile phone camera, check that it is filming the room at a wide-angle, and start interacting with your child.

You can upload the videos directly from your mobile phone. All you have to do is press one of the “Upload video” Links in our trainer. At the moment, the videos are uploaded to our secured google drive. So in order to upload a video, you need to have an active google account. However, if you do not have a google account, please contact us, and we will make sure that you have a simple, comfortable, easy way to send us your videos and receive our feedback. 

Of course not! The videos that appear in the digital trainer were placed there with the full and conscious consent of the parents appearing in it, who were happy to share the films to allow other parents to learn. The movies you upload to your digital trainer are solely for the purpose of your personal learning. Of course, if you want your films to appear in the digital trainer, you can contact us by writing to:

We keep our feedback short, focused, and constructive. For each video you upload, you will get feedback according to the specific strategy you were trying to implement. We find that it is best to learn one thing at a time! The feedback will appear as annotations on the original videos you uploaded, making sure you can experience what we are talking about in the exact interaction you had with your child. Here is an example of one feedback annotation.