We'll turn you to be the expert your child with autism needs to finally communicate better

SocialMind is an at-home online intervention designed to train you, parents of children with autism, to provide the highest standard of intervention for your children within everyday activities.

“With SocialMind we’re managing to change how she perceives communication, and progress from the point where we’ve been stuck for the last two years…”
a mother of a 7-year-old girl

how it works

SocialMind utilizes a research-based intervention method for helping your autistic child learn to communicate.

Using short, fun and interactive modules, we break down comprehensive interventions to simple parenting skills you can implement from home , and without waiting months for traditional methods. 

Learn at your own pace, upload videos of you and your child interacting, and get personalized feedback from our clinical staff for only 87$ a month.

“After using the digital trainer, I taught my husband the strategies I had learned. I taught my older son. We were all practicing and motivating OG to communicate on many occasions throughout the day.״
a mother of a 4.5-year-old boy

About us

Hi, I’m Keren, a mother of three children (two of which have autism) and a pediatrician with 20 years of experience. As a mother, I brought my knowledge and expertise to the household — teaching my autistic children using Pivotal Response Treatment.  I founded SocialMind to empower parents by teaching them how to provide the highest standard of care while developing deep, long-lasting connections with their children

Join dozens of parents for easy-to-learn, affordable parental training to promote your autistic child!