How Can I take a Role in the Play with My Child According to ESDM – Part 3

It’s time to become a more active play partner, you are in a process of becoming playful parents with your kids. In this phase, after learning how to get your child’s attention and how to join your child’s play you can now demonstrate that you have some interesting ideas for the play as well. You will be joining your children’s theme, and gradually helping them elaborate it. Here are some tips on how to take a role in your child’s play.
  1. Imitate– Coping skills games for kids. Bring a matching set of the materials your child is using. Pick it up and start imitating your child. Some children enjoy being imitated, others want to control all the materials. If your child wants your materials, give them, take others, and start again. It’s a work in progress! Another form of imitation you can try is doing the same thing your child does to reach your child’s goal (for example, adding a block to build a tower). If your child resists, take a step back to parallel play or narration, before you gently try again.
  2. Add Variations– After joining your child’s theme, you can take a role by adding ideas to make the activity more elaborate. For example- If you are building a tower from blocks you can start making a “train” as well, if you are throwing a ball back and forth you can kick it, and so on. Elaborating on a play keeps it interesting and helps extend the lengths of activities. Make sure your child enjoys your elaborations. You may need to try a few times before your children get used to the idea, so don’t give up immediately if they don’t immediately embrace your ideas. But having said so- after trying for few times, you will probably be able to tell if they are excited or interested in this new element in play. If not, don’t get stuck on this idea and stay tuned to their motivation – That is always the key.
In our next artical, we will offer additional ideas for becoming more active in your child’s play.