The Use of Chelation (Cleansing Metals) As a Therapy For Autism

The use of Chelation (cleansing metals) As a Therapy for Autism

In theory, high levels of heavy metals in the body can cause more severe symptoms of autism, which can be alleviated by using substances that wash the metals out of the body (the substances are injected into the body, bind to the metals, and get rid of them).

Is there any evidence that it really works?

The Cochrane Library reviewed all databases and found only one controlled study (without bias) that evaluated the effectiveness of metal cleaning. There were 77 children in this study: six cycles of metal cleaner treatment were administered to one group, and a placebo was administered to the control group. Despite the fact that heavy metals were secreted from the bodies of the members in the treatment group, they did not show any improvement compared to those in the control group. It should be remembered that the treatment in question has side effects such as a reduction in calcium levels in the blood, impaired kidney function, and even death.  Therefore, I would not recommend using this treatment which is not currently proven to be effective until there are new studies comparing it to a control group, especially due to its potential risks. Cochrane Library: A little background information: This is an independent body of researchers that wants to provide health care professionals and patients with the best information. Cochrane Library gathers all published studies on a specific topic as well as information from universities about unpublished studies. After reviewing all the available data and calculating research biases (Systematic review), they determine whether the treatment is helpful, ineffective, or there is not enough data to determine. Cochrane Library’s conclusions represent the most reliable evidence when it comes to the effectiveness of treatments, as opposed to only one or two studies.  To read more click here