An all-star team dedicated to make every child with autism thrive

Dr. Keren Sagiv Friedgut

Founder and CEO

20 years pediatrician,
7 years managing an Autism telehealth center

Dr. Dana Porrat


Stanford award-winning Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Experienced in voice, image & video AI

Izhar Lotem


Designing & Developing multi-million dollar software systems


Zohar Levi

Clinical & Technology Integration

Clinical & Technology Integration
Pediatric occupational therapist, experienced with autism intervention

Carmi Shimon

Computer Vision Data Scientist

Experienced in pediatric computer vision, sentiment analysis, and scene understanding.
Ph.D. candidate at Ben Gurion University

Basel Shlewett

Front-End Software Engineer

Vast experience in the startup ecosystem, designing and developing web and mobile applications

Bar Front Shaham

Research Manager

M.A. Clinical-Developmental Psychology student
Experienced with longitudinal research and developmental intervention

Hands-on Advisory Board

Nisim Cohen

Past EVP Finance and Operations, Talkspace

Extensive experience as CFO/ COO in the startup ecosystem from early stage to maturity/ IPO

Dr Zohar Bronfman, Phd

Entrepreneur and CEO, Pecan

Ph.D. in computational cognitive neuroscience and a Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science.

Expertise: Analytics, AI, Deep Learning, and Computational Psychology

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