A New Collaboration With Meuhedet Health Services

These paintings were painted by my daughter, Shiri, three years ago. Shiri is a typical development child who has two siblings with autism.
In the first drawing, she presented the problem – the parent tries to teach the child with autism to talk while the older sibling, who is standing aside, also wants attitude and attention from the side.

Shiri drew these drawings as displayed on the phone because, at that time, I started designing the SocialMind app to help parents of children with autism promote their children. Who would have believed then that Shiri’s drawings would become a reality – our digital coach!

A collaboration with Meuhedet Health services was recently established, and now Meuhedet policyholders can get the SocialMind digital trainer at a 40% discount! Parents of children with autism at Meuhedet are invited to contact their social worker at the Institute for Child Development.

You are welcome to read more about our product here.