Using personalized video feedback, SocialMind is a training platform for therapists and caregivers of children with autism

SocialMind trains caregivers & therapists to motivate children with autism to talk and communicate throughout the Day

To optimize our clinical recommendations, SocialMind monitors the child’s speech and communication

How it works

Simple to follow step-by-step training videos for caregivers & therapists

Step 1

When our users log into socialMind App

Step 2

They learn a new strategy in an easy-to-understand interactive module

Step 3

While executing with the child, our users film the interaction and upload the video

Step 4

SocialMind analyzes the interaction and creates personalized feedback on the essential moments

Step 5

Synced with the video footage, the user receives feedback on their phone. Providing feedback ensures that our users have a rapid learning curve, which results in the child improving rapidly

What sets us apart


At home or in the clinic, during daily activities or therapy sessions. Training does not require a unique time.

Science, Experience, Love

We are parents and cutting-edge clinicians. We have trained parents and therapists remotely for years with measurable results.

In order to accelerate child development, we know what it takes to make parents thrive, and therapists meet fidelity-of-implementation standards. We love our users and monitor everyone’s enjoyment.

Interactive evidence-based learning

A step-by-step trainer combines PRT, ESDM, and naturalistic ABA.


Our users love the SocialMind App. Over 80% of users remain until all modules are complete.

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Personalized digital

Ongoing training content
Adapt activities to your child’s interests
Upload videos at any time
Receive feedback from SocialMind’s staff

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